Magis Pro 8 ErP

Code 3.025695
Heating output kW 7,71
Cooling output kW 7,58
Hydronic Unit (HxWxD) mm 760 x 440 x 250
Condensing Unit (HxWxD) mm 972 x 940 x 330
Refrigerant gas R410A
COP 4,08
EER 3,77
Condensing Unit empty appliance (kg) 47,5



Split air to water, Inverter-driven  monophase heat pump system, consisting of outdoor heat pump unit and indoor hydronic unit 

7,51 kW heating / 7,78 kW cooling capacity.

The new MAGIS PRO ErP heat pumps pumps are appliances designed to use outside air as a partially renewable heat source by transferring its thermal energy content to the central heating system. This very particular operation allows to reach leaving water temperature up to 55 °C, making MAGIS PROP heat pump systems the ideal technology for both heating and cooling purposes and, moreover for DHW production, when combined with dedicated, separate storage tanks.

The “PRO” designation indicates the degree of training required to professional people (that have to be in possess of F-GAS certification) involved in the installation and their mutual connection by means of the gas circuit. The inverter driven control allows a very fine power output modulation control, together with reduction of the power input, succeeding in high level performances for more comfortable indoor climatic conditions.

MAGIS PRO ErP are domestic-purpose-suit systems, and they are the ideal solution in new, high energy rating buildings, even when located in extremely cold areas, with very low outdoor-winter-temperatures.

The very compact external unit (smaller compared to the most diffused hydronic heat pump models), installable both on balcony and fully outdoor, allows to MAGIS PRO SYSTEM enhanced positional flexibility together with a minimal aestethic effect on the overall style.

MAGIS PRO ErP can be installed in stand alone configuration, or combined with a boiler and other renewable energy sources in integrated or hybrid, compact systems, working in central heating, cooling and/or DHW production



- MAGIS COMBO technical sheet