Code 3.022876
Gross surface 2,03 m2
Solar absorption area 1,84 m2
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 1730 x 1198 x 83
Optical efficiency (ref. UNI EN 12975) 0,759
Stagnation maximum temperature (dry) 234°C
Collector weight (empty) 37 kg



Flat plate solar collector.
Designed to be installed both in vertical and horizontal position, CP4 M solar collectors can be also connected one each other in up to 6 collectors cascade configuration, thanks to the 4 connection pipes layout.
The peculiar design of the connections, that allows the complete reversibility of the sides both for inlet and outlet, and the threadless copper connection pipes solution, fit for al large number of connecting techniques, make CP4 XL an extremely flexible device, ideal for a wide range of different situations.
Thanks to the low weight, great manageability makes this kind of collector a very interesting product, even in the most difficult installation conditions. Special 4 mm thick tempered glassallows grants high protection level to the selective coating treated alluminium absorber, featured by  95% absorptivity coefficient.
Thanks to the thermal insulation given by 4 cm thick stone wool panels placed on the sides and on the back of the casing, heat losses are minimal.
The Solar Keymark Certification prove the compliance to the Technical Standard UNI EN 12975.
5 years conventional warranty.