CSV 14 Vacuum Collector

Code 3.022694
Gross surface 2,57 m2
Solar absorption area 2,36 m2
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 1647 x 1616 x 107
Optical efficiency (ref. UNI EN 12975) 0,605
Stagnation maximum temperature (dry) 286°C
Collector weight (empty) 42 kg



Vacuum tubes solar collector.
Designed to be installed in vertical position only, CSV 14 solar collectors can be also connected one each other in up to 6 collectors cascade. Connection pipes placed on both the opposite sides of the collector, let the installer to be free to decide the most convenient position in every moment, following the approach of the maximum flexibility in installation and reliability. On this point of view, tanks to the particular connection system, easy replacement of the single vacuum tube, without the need of the whole plant water content discharge, could be considered one of the most interesting feature of this very performing device. Infact, vacuum thermal insulation technology is guarantee of the minimum heat loss and, therefore, of the maximum solar energy usage in every seasonal climate condition, and of remarkabler money saving.
Special absorbers are positioned inside the vacuum tubes: around them, suitably designed parabolic mirror concentrators focus on the absorber'surface the most of the solar beams, reaching the collector from the upper atmosphere. The special treated double glass system reduces solar beam reflection phenomena, keeping almost the whole resulting thermal energy, in maximum efficiency working conditions.
The main advantage in using this kind of technology lies in the extremely high level of efficency ratio, especially during the winter period.
The Solar Keymark Certification prove the compliance to the Technical Standard UNI EN 12975.
5 years conventional warranty.