Domestic Sol 550 LUX v2

Code 3.027839
Number of collectors 3
Collector type CSV 14 Vacuum
Storage Tank Unit (litres) combined 550
Solar expansion vessel (litres) 80
Tank of premixed glycol (n°) 2 of 20 kg



This solar pack, for the production of domestic hot water, includes as per standard:

3 CSV 14 Vacuum Collectors (2,57 m2 of gross surface) complete with 3 aluminium support frames for one vertically installed collector

Combined 550 litre Storage Tank Unit, insulated, for heating integration with a 28,5 litre immersed stainless steel coil for production of domestic hot water and solar integration coil. Supplied with connections for boiler and auxiliary heat generator (for example AUDAX heat pump). It's possible to mount directly on the storage tank the single pump station and the solar central unit .

The use of this Storage Tank Unit involves the installation of an appropriately sized DHW expansion vessel and safety valve, not included in the supply.

Double low consumption pump station with safety valve 6 bar and flow rate regulator (2-15 l/min) and air separating device with relative connection kit

PRO Solar central unit with four temperature probes (Storage Tank Unit and Collector)

NTC probe for Immergas boiler connection < 35 kW

80 litre expansion vessel with accessories

Complete hydraulic fittings for mounting the collector

¾" adjustable thermostatic mixing valve

2 tanks of 20 kg of premixed glycol

8 brackets for slates and tiles for planar installation on sloped roofs with relative fixing accessories