Inoxstor 300 v2

Code 3.027747
Content (litre) 279
Dimensions (H) mm 1715
External diameter mm Ø 620
Type production of domestic hot water
Material stainless steel



DHW production designed stainless steel Storage Tank Unit.
The 300 litres Storage Tank Unit is totally made of stainless steel, equipped with inspection flange, placed in the bottom side. The Unit is equipped with two concentric coil shaped stainless steel water to water heat exchangers, too. Suitable flexible insulation which can be disassembled (6 cm).
The standard anodic protection system is given by two magnesium anodes, one of them placed in the upper part of the storage and the other inserted in the bottom, close to the flange. This solution can be easily integrated with its own optional kit.
INOXSTOR 300 V2 body is prearranged for the coupling with dedicated pump station and the insertion of electric resistance kit.
5 years conventional warranty.